About the company

Tradition and vision

Our long-standing tradition is the basis for the creation of a world-class top company in the development, production and sale of school and office supplies as well as similar products for industrial use.

Writing, drawing, painting, marking and highlighting our products offer customers an effective and high-quality way of communication between people and help record the present for future generations.
For our business partners, we are a guarantee of product quality, flexible service, attractive modern design, health safety and a high technical and technological level.


How it all began

The tradition of producing writing instruments began in Dačice in 1940, when one of the founders, engaged in the production of leather goods, established a new workshop in what was then Telečská Street, which, among other things, also produced fountain pens. Take a look at the history of the company, through its development, up to the current state.

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Social Responsibility

Nature and people first

Sustainability is a topic that drives our company. However, it cannot be achieved overnight. Unlike our competitors, we were the first to convert our best-selling products to recycled plastics. We also reduce the impact of production on emissions, thanks to which we save hundreds of tons of CO2 annually. However, there is much more to do.

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Production and its progress

The development of a new descriptor requires the interplay of many departments. A seemingly simple product, such as a marker, must meet all standards, be pleasant to users across continents and ages, and the efficiency and quality of production must be world-class. Explore the technologies behind the CENTROPEN brand.

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